The vast majority of construction projects don’t involve protecting the livelihood of everyday people. When building an office complex, apartment building, or school, the tenants tend to vacate the premises during construction. This luxury is not afforded when building a new hospital wing or remodeling an existing hospital. Patients still need care and doctors need to carry on with their normal work. To protect the lives of the patients, careful consideration is needed for air quality, medical equipment, and additional gas lines.

To make sure construction companies know what they’re doing when they embark on a health care related project, hospitals need to hire a Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC). To become a CHC, construction companies need to be skilled in a wide range of disciplines. There are four primary areas CHC companies need to have knowledge and experience in.

  • Healthcare facility safety
  • Design and planning for healthcare faculties
  • Healthcare fundamentals
  • Financial stewardship

There is an exam with more than 100 questions individuals must complete to become certified. In addition to this exam, individuals must have a designated amount of healthcare construction experience depending on their level of education.

  • High School Diploma- 10 years of construction experience with at least 5 of the 10 being healthcare construction and 3 years of management experience.
  • Associates Degree- 7 years of construction experience with at least 5 of the 7 being healthcare construction and 3 years of management experience.
  • Bachelor’s Degree- 5 years of healthcare construction experience with 3 years of management experience.

Working with a CHC offers several benefits for hospitals and healthcare facilities. A CHC will be familiar with the unique needs and common hurdles of building for the healthcare industry. For example, if a hospital is building a new ER unit, a CHC should have a general idea of the materials that should be used, equipment that will be needed in each unit, and the best process to complete the project.

Cowen Construction has been awarded a Healthcare Construction Certificate for our healthcare construction experience and our commitment to improving our awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the healthcare construction environment.