So, you’ve just received word that your new commercial construction project is finished. How exciting! You should probably be booking moving trucks and begin transferring your business into this new location, right? Eh, not so fast. You’re probably going to need to go through post-construction before that happens. 

“What the heck is post-construction?” 

While you’re likely eager to move into your new commercial space, you want to be sure that your new business location is fully prepared to receive staff and customers. The final stage in commercial construction is called post-construction. Let’s look at the steps and timeline for the completion of post-construction.

Paperwork is Completed

Any architect, contractor, or construction company worth their salt wants to leave you satisfied with the finished product. To ensure that everything went to plan, the completed building is carefully compared to the plans to verify the project continuity. The architect will verify that what they designed is what the contractor carried out. The structure will also be fully inspected prior to occupancy in much the same way it would be if you had purchased an existing building. This not only verifies that the structure is safe for occupancy, but that you received what you wanted. 

User Manuals & Occupancy Training

During post-construction, your facilities managers will need to be outfitted with the manuals and training necessary to manage the building’s features. HVAC system, electrical settings, elevators, escalators, lighting, and anything else with a learning curve will need to be covered to ensure satisfaction, but also to preserve the building’s condition over the long haul.

Seasonal Systems Testing

There’s a good chance that your structure has not yet endured every season of the year. That means that either your heating systems or air conditioning systems have never been put to the test. To ensure the proper functioning of these systems in relation to your structure, all of these will need to be tested before the necessary specialists can sign off on their completed work. 

Planning for Additions or Updates

Let say, hypothetically, that you move into your new commercial building and realize that you’ll actually require much more space than you thought. Though you can make it work for the time being, you know that later expansions will be necessary. Any plans for additions or project upgrades will need to be made during post-construction. These plans will make the later construction of expansions as streamlined as possible. 

Satisfaction Reviews — Speak Now or Forever Live With It

Before you part ways with your commercial construction company, architect, or any contractors, post-construction is the time to speak up about your level of satisfaction with these individuals. Prior to falling off of their list of priorities, post-construction is the time to get the final details ironed out so you can feel good as the trucks pull out of the parking lot of your new commercial facility. 

Post-Construction Happens Almost Immediately

It’s in everyone’s best interest for post-construction to occur as quickly as possible after construction is completed. Your contractor and architect likely have other projects they need to get to and you want to schedule that grand opening you’ve been hyping on social media for the past six months. It’s best to ride this wave of momentum to wrap up post-construction. 

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