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Construction sites have the potential to be dangerous working areas. To mitigate hazards, all construction workers on a job site are required to utilize various pieces of safety equipment. Which pieces used in particular may vary depending on the nature of a specific construction site and the worker’s role, but there some pieces of gear that are nearly universally required for every worker. In this piece, we’re going to look at some of the most common types of safety equipment used by workers on a construction site. 

Protective Footwear

Construction sites can be quite harsh on one’s feet. To protect your feet from the abuses of a job site, specific guidelines dictate what makes a safe workboot. Features such as oil-resistant soles, sturdy tread, toe and sole protection, and a comfortable fit are essential for a quality work boot. Because of the demanding requirements, work boots for construction workers can be quite costly. However, many agree if a worker balks at a price and chooses a cheaper alternative, they frequently will get what they pay for — sore, possibly injured feet. 

Eye Protection

Jeepers, creepers, are you going to protect your peepers? More than just dirty, construction sites can send various forms of debris flying through the air. Getting any of this debris the eyes is a quick way to be taken out of commission on a job site. To protect the construction worker’s eyes and vision, proper vision protection is essential in the form of protective goggles or specialized glasses.

Head Protection 

Though one typically has two feet, they only have one head — making protecting it of the utmost importance on a job site. Falling debris and items on construction sites are not immensely uncommon, so workers must protect themselves with proper head protection in the form of a helmet or construction hardhat. Most hardhats today are made of hard plastic or carbon fiber material to limit their ability to conduct electricity. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, but most are built to allow the worker to be highly visible for safety reasons. All hardhats should be regularly inspected for damage. In the event of an impact, even if the damage is not visible, a hardhat should be replaced to ensure maximum protection in the future. 

Fall Protection Gear

Construction projects sometimes require workers to venture to dizzying heights. Due to a lack of railings, walls, or even floors in some of these scenarios, falling accounts for a large number of construction-related incidents and injuries. Construction workers falling from construction sites results in nearly 900 deaths every year in the United States alone. To prevent these tragic events, strict regulations require fall protection for construction workers from even relatively low heights. 

Protective Gloves

Our hands are frequently our first contact point with our surroundings, and the same goes for construction sites. To limit the wear on the skin of one’s hands, construction workers need to use sturdy gloves when handing abrasive materials or equipment. Gloves not only protect skin from cuts and abrasions but also allow for construction workers to have a sturdier grip on essential tools or materials. For rough jobs that require a firm grip, but not immense dexterity, a sturdy pair of work gloves can be a construction worker’s best friend. 

Hearing Protection

If you have ever been near a construction site, you can attest to it being a noisy place. Between extremely loud equipment or sounds resulting from necessary demolition, being involved in such scenarios every day can significantly damage the hearing of a construction worker. For this reason, adequate hearing protection in the form of earplugs or over-ear protection is often required. A failure to wear proper hearing protection can result in tinnitus (a perpetual ringing the ears), hearing loss, or even complete deafness. Quality ear protection is relatively inexpensive and reasonably comfortable, so there’s no excuse not to wear it.

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