It’ll get done when it gets done…right?

For the unacquainted, construction schedules can be confusing. Shouldn’t a commercial construction project just take as long as it takes? In this piece, we’re going to strive to answer the question: What roles does a project schedule play in commercial construction?

Schedules Help Determine Project Feasibility

When determining the feasibility of a construction project, a timetable can help a business determine whether or not a commercial project is feasible and when. If completion of a construction project is too far out or the demanded completion date is too soon, this can mean that the project simply isn’t feasible from a logistics and/or cost perspective for a business. A construction schedule can also give businesses a better idea of the projected cost of a job, which can help them during the bidding process.

Schedules Help Manage Client Expectations

Knowing how long it will be before you can move business operations is crucial not only in managing costs but specific business initiatives. This can impact specific projects, hiring decisions, and the overall direction of the business. 

Schedule Helps Construction Specialists Manage Phases

Commercial construction contains many different phases. These different phases not only require the use of specialized crew members, but also materials, tools, and even optimal climate conditions for certain phases of construction. Knowing when to order certain materials or make sure equipment is available can streamline the process of project management. 

Schedules Assist in Personnel Management

Proper project management requires keeping one’s staff busy, but not overly burdened. Maintaining this careful balance is immensely aided by project schedules. Knowing when and where to send a framing specialist versus a concrete specialist is of crucial importance. Properly managing personnel also prevents a project bottleneck or even safety concerns on job sites either when too many or not enough crew members are present. 

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