Tomato/”tomahto” or apples and oranges? 

To those outside of the real estate or construction industry, the expressions “remodel” and “renovation” may seem like synonyms. Within these industries, these two similar words mean very different things. 

What is a renovation? 

If you’re looking to breathe new life into the existing layout of a business location or a residential home, a renovation is more akin to an updating—the process of reviving a space. During this process, the layout of a house, business, or other space typically remains identical to its previous state. Updates are made in the form of newer fixtures, utility lines, paint, flooring materials, appliances, and the like. Think: makeup, not plastic surgery. 

What is a remodel? 

Unlike it’s lighter weight version, a remodel tends to include changing the layout of a space. If renovating a kitchen is installing new cabinet doors, a remodel may include knocking down the wall between the living room and the kitchen, if not moving the kitchen elsewhere. Think: not just plastic surgery, but even body modification. 

An easy way to remember the difference between “renovation” and “remodel”

  • Renovate contains the letter “v” — such as “revive.” 
  • Remodel contains the word “model” — meaning that a “remodel” is to change the model of a home as it exists on a blueprint. 

We hope that helps! 

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