The equipment fleet is one of the biggest investments a commercial construction company can make, and routine maintenance is the best way to protect this investment. Adhering to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance routines will increase the lifespan of the equipment, prevent breakdowns that lead to job site delays, and increase safety. 


The longer the equipment lasts, the less money a contractor will have to spend on the fleet. It also allows equipment operators to use the same equipment for a long time, which eliminates the learning curve that comes with new equipment. This familiarity and learned expertise can lead to more efficiency on the job. These savings can be passed onto the customer, which can reduce the total price of the project.

Prevent Breakdowns

When equipment breaks, it often pushes the pause button on the project. This means delays on the project timeline and frustrated crews that have to sit and wait for the equipment to get fixed. Maintaining the equipment fleet is vital to ensuring project timelines stay on track and deadlines get met.




Equipment that isn’t properly maintained can pose a serious safety risk. Let’s say a backhoe is picking up some dirt to put in the dump truck, but something goes wrong and the boom locks up. Now the crew has to find a way to safely get the dirt out of the scoop without it falling on anyone or anything, as well as try to fix the boom. It would be much safer to simply do preventative maintenance in a controlled environment instead of having to make repairs out in the field.


Proper maintenance is an important key to the overall success of any commercial contractor. At Cowen Construction, we pride ourselves on keeping our equipment fleet in tip-top shape to ensure our crews stay safe and our projects meet their deadlines.