Simple goal. Complicated process. 

The objective of a project manager in the construction industry is fairly simple—take the client’s wants and make them into a reality. How they go about doing this is anything but simple. For this reason, seeking out a project manager with a substantial amount of experience is crucial to the success of your commercial construction project. 

What exactly does a project manager do? 

A construction project manager is responsible for managing the planning, construction, and completion of a construction project. They are the point person to the client, but also to architects, construction contractors, specialists, municipalities, and the like. These specialists are the stitching that holds together the garment that is your construction project. Without a robust dedication to the process, the entire project would fall to pieces. 

Why is experience necessary for a project manager? 

While it may seem like any relatively organized individual would be a good candidate to be a construction project manager, this is not the case. Every project is different and brings its own unique challenges. Because a construction PM has dealt with a variety of projects, locations, structure styles, and personalities, their experience allows them to best navigate an optimal path to success for your project. A lack of experience on the part of a PM can result in hard lessons learned on your dime. 

What characteristics should I look for in a project manager? 

Strong Communication & Honesty

Because your project manager has their finger on the pulse of your construction project, they need to be someone who not only keeps you updated but can communicate your concerns. Along with strong communication, they need to be honest even to the point of risking hurting the feelings of others. 

Empathy & Flexibility

While there are few things more rigid than a construction plan, changes will likely need to be made to accommodate new needs and concerns. An experienced PM needs to be able to roll with the punches—either from the client-side or unique construction scenarios that require adjustment. 


You’re likely extremely excited about your new commercial construction project. Your project manager should be excited right alongside you. When enthusiasm is lacking, longer projects can become arduous. It’s important to choose a PM that remains enthusiastic when the occasional delays occur. 

Specialized Problem Solving Skills

No construction project is completely free of unique challenges. Navigating these challenges requires experience. For this reason, choosing a PM with a track record of solving difficult problems with grace is important. 

Leadership & Delegation

Though a project manager works for you, they will need to command the respect of those who receive their instruction. On more complex projects, a PM will also need to feel comfortable delegating tasks to others to ensure the efficiency of the build. There’s no room for push-over project managers in the construction industry if they hope to achieve timely results. 

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