When it comes to measuring smaller objects, a standard ruler or tape measure may do the job just fine. However, what if you want to measure the distances of a plot of land as well as every slope, curve, and elevation? For this endeavor, land surveying is necessary. 

Big Measurements Scaled to Size

If you’ve ever wondered what on earth those people are doing out on that open plot of land with a series of tripods, marking of positions with flags and stakes, there’s usually a simple explanation. These individuals are practitioners of one of the world’s oldest professions: land surveying. What is land surveying? Simply put, land surveying is the practice of taking as many measurements one can about a piece of land. These include legal boundaries, existing roads and structures, and the topographical slope of the area. All of this information is extremely valuable to those designing any structures that will be built on the site. 

How Does Land Surveying Work?

Throughout recorded history, land surveying has remained an essential part of any construction project—whether for residential or commercial construction. In ancient history, land surveying was relatively primitive. As technology advanced before computerized devices, tools called theodolites were used to determine precise vertical and horizontal angles. In modern times, theodolite technology has received a significant boon thanks to computer systems, lasers, GPS, and even unmanned aerial drones. Modern “total stations” put many of these capabilities into one device’s abilities to make land surveying more precise and straightforward. 

Why is Land Surveying Necessary in Commercial Construction?

Before any commercial structure can be constructed, the land on which it will sit requires precise measurement. Not only will a foundation need to be built that allows for a level structure, but other factors, including terrain and water drainage, is dependant on robust land surveying services to give designers an intimate knowledge of the land in which the structure will sit. This makes a land surveyor an incredibly important ingredient in the construction of any structure or aspect of infrastructure. 

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