We’re proud of all the projects we do here at Cowen Construction, and it’s nice when others take notice too. Recently, our Tiffany Apartment project was the subject of a News 9 report in Oklahoma City.

The report details the historical importance of the project, citing the original construction in 1967. It goes on to talk about all the hard work our crews have put into the project as part of the $25 million overhaul.

Maintaining a high-class retro feel to acknowledge the original 70s aesthetic was important, but so was including modern features like eco-friendly systems.

“It has a passive geothermal system which basically uses the ground temperature to passively heat and cool the building. It’s incredibly energy efficient. Very affordable. Very unique. We have electric vehicle charging stations on the property. I believe we are the only apartment in Oklahoma City that has that,” said Ferguson. 

In addition to the news station, renters were also impressed. The Tiffany Apartments are already 25% full and the building won’t officially open until August.

We’re very proud of our team down in Oklahoma City and are excited to see the finished project!