Company culture is a hot buzzword right now. It seems like you can’t attend a corporate conference or scroll through an industry periodical without coming across this trendy alliteration. All signs point to the importance of intentionally promoting company culture and an office redesign is a great way to do just that.

Here are three ways redesigning your office can help promote your company culture.

Corporate Colors

Beige walls had their time in the sun, but you can do better. By using your company colors through the office as decorative elements and accents, employees feel excited about coming to the office and clients see that you care about creating a comfortable environment. Colors can be used in furniture, wall graphics (like a large print of your logo), or trim. 

More Natural Light 

A great way to promote an innovative and energetic company culture is incorporating more natural light in the office. While some amount of artificial light will always be necessary, more natural light will help employees sleep better at night, decrease headaches, and encourage more exercising. Lots of natural light may not be right for every department in the office, so make sure you’re strategic about who gets the window seat. 


Creating spaces that can serve a variety of purposes will allow your office to quickly adapt to changing needs. This is a great way to promote agile and innovative thinking and let employees work unrestricted by the physical limitations of an office. Flexspace can come in the form of private workstations with sitting and standing desks, open collaboration space for teams, and large conference rooms for bigger meetings.

Your office should be a reflection of your culture that every employee and client can be proud of. If you’re ready to upgrade your office space, call Cowen Construction today.