At Cowen Construction, we have a vast amount of experience in working with senior living community owners. When it comes time to renovate these communities, the goal should always be to minimize inconvenience to existing tenants and account for future needs. There are a few considerations that need to be accounted for to ensure a successful renovation.

Plan Around Ongoing Maintenance Improvements

There’s a good chance the maintenance crew has some big improvement projects they’re currently working on or about to start. These projects need to be planned around to increase efficiency and maximize construction efforts. If an LED retrofit is already in the works, we can coordinate with the installer’s schedule to ensure tenants are only bothered once.

Focus on Amenities and Common Areas 

Creating spaces that encourage social interactions between tenants is a big trend in senior living right now. Studies have shown that more human interaction will improve the quality of life for seniors. Incorporating resort-style lounges with amenities like coffee cafes and conversation promoting seating areas will score big points with tenants. 

Common spaces should also be able to handle a wide variety of activities to fully accommodate programming needs. This can include board games, puzzles, bingo nights, book clubs, and even guest speakers. Keeping spaces flexible is a great way to be prepared for whatever tenants need or request. 

Always Think About the Tenants

Tenant safety and convenience should be the top priorities during construction. The first step is to give tenants plenty of warning before construction begins. This will hopefully help avoid a constant flood of questions when the crew shows up. Next, safety procedures need to be very well thought through. Active areas need to be blocked off and comprehensive daily clean up is a must. Jobs should also be scheduled around activity hours and tenants’ sleeping schedule when possible.